Legendary Metaverse, Leverse World

Virtual Country Elysium

A dream country everyone has dreamt of.

Elysium is the first project introduced by Leverse World, a virtual national construction project through metaverse.

As we launched toward national construction, we start to begin in the Era of Pioneering the Elysium.

In the era of pioneering, initial services across politics, economy and culture are provided based on granting citizenship qualifications, distributing individual land, developing owned land, and generating profits.

The Metaverse National Elysium Construction Platform guarantees Mee Coin mining according to the development environment of the owned land, grants citizenship rights to participants with certain requirements, it determines the direction of the system, and introduces a decentralized system created by citizens.
Elysium offers a variety of economic activities such as real estate development, advertising, shopping, travel, and finance, as well as cultural activities but not limited to performances and sports, political activities to customized leaders to improve the system.

The Elysium will present a new economic paradigm in the era of metaverse state construction and decentralization, where participants cross the borders of the real world and become owners.

We welcome you to the upcoming decentralized metaverse era, Elysium where we possess lands and territories and make them as our won.

Legendary Metaverse, Leverse World

Leverse Cruise

Let me introduce another large project, Leverse Cruise, that Leverse World is preparing for.

Leverse Cruise is the second project of Leverse World and is a university-based metaverse project. Leverse Cruise will provide performances, various events, world online hold’em competitions, and online casino services. Leverse Cruise is a virtual world project ambitiously prepared by Leverse World and focuses on maximizing profits for members who own rooms.
We invite you to the Metaverse Business with the best experts in Leverse World.