Pre-announcement for Lexlink

2022-02-24 14:18
- Pre-announcement for Lexlink.

- You can't log in for the first time.
1. You can download Lex Eco and Lexlink from
(iPhone users use echo link address)

2. Select the app you want, authenticate your email through the Forgot menu on the login screen, reset your password, and log in.

- If the password is different even after resetting it,
1. If you are a link member, check if it is installed correctly in

2. Your ID is shown in the authentication email. Sometimes, people who use spaces and special characters enter without spaces
You often remember your ID incorrectly, so please make sure to copy your ID in the authentication mail and enter it.

3. There are times when you enter an email in the ID column, so make sure to enter it with your ID.

- When authenticating an email, you get a message that the email does not exist.
1. In, echo members connect to "LEXECO Download" after installing "LEXLINK Download".
Check if you're connected to the app you want (iPhone users use the echo link address)

2. If you connect correctly and get the same message, you remember the email incorrectly or you have a typo.

- If you don't get a verification code email,
1. When the screen is switched during the email authentication stage and the screen for inserting the authentication code appears, the email has been sent.

2. Sometimes it's treated as spam, so you have to check the spam box.