Lexeco System Policy Announcement

2022-02-24 12:16
- Lexeco System Policy Announcement -

- What about Lex Eco System?
1. It is a subscription program for the development of inverse world virtual reality metabus content.
2. The virtual reality development subscription program operated by the DPI system is a system that develops CLT (content development ticket) tokens and VLP (virtual land points) listed on the xt.com exchange every day by participating in content development subscription with TRX & CLT.
3. About 250% of CDS (Content Development Subscription) is automatically developed as a CDA (Automatic Content Development) program and developed into 80% CLT (Content Lex Ticket) tokens and 20% virtual land points (VLP).
4. CLT can be re-subscribed and traded on a virtual asset exchange if necessary.
5. Virtual Land Point (VLP) is a token that can be exchanged for virtual real estate (Tile) anywhere in the world, and can be traded in the NFT market to prepare materials (computer graphics) necessary for construction, such as building on land.
6. In the third city of LEVERSE WORLD, the land grade is divided into 1L, 2L, and 3L, and MEECOIN, a virtual currency of ELISium, is mined, and the value of tiles is differentiated according to mission, tile size, building grade, and number of visitors.
7. The materials necessary for construction can further solidify ownership of virtual assets through NFT issuance and listing personal creations if desired, including works of talented designers around the world working in the NFT market.
8. The development subscription implemented before the Elysium opening is the only means to freely cancel and re-subscribe the subscription and preoccupy the Elysium opening tile.

- LEVERSE WORLD Important Content -
1. Virtual real estate project.
- Third country, Elysium Urban Construction.

2. Meta Cruise Project.

3. Virtual Asset Project.

4. Education, culture, medical care, finance, and game projects.

- Understanding terms.
1. CDS
Contents Development Subscription.
It is a content development subscription for Leverse World. You can freely subscribe with virtual currency (TRX & CLT) and additional subscriptions are available at any time.
1CDS operates at $10.

2. CDA
Contents Development Automation.
It is a development automation system and about 250% of content development subscriptions (CDS) are displayed.
80% of CDAs are mined with CLT, and 20% of them are developed with VLP (Land) and come into their accounts every day.

3. CLT (listed on XT Exchange)
Contents Lex Token.
Some of them are ticket-type tokens used to subscribe to content development and purchase Tile (virtual land), and CLT tokens are used for virtual real estate transactions at Leverse World.
The amount of CLT produced decreases due to incineration policies and increased value.

4. VAP
Virtual Aset Point.
Virtual asset points are accumulated according to CDS and are planned as a standard for sharing part of the L-City citizenship and platform revenue of Leverse World's third virtual country, Elysium, as virtual assets according to points and allocating future merit stocks.

5. CSP
Contents Shopping Point.
Content shopping points are partially accumulated as shopping points during the development process and are used as shopping or content points.

6. CMC
Contents Mee Coin
Content Mycoin plans to be used as a currency on the Elysium platform, the third city of the Leverse Global Project, and is a virtual asset mined daily according to CLT and Land of your account.
CMC is expected to gradually reduce mining quantities.

7. VLP
Virtual Land Point
Virtual land points are exchanged for Leverse World's Tile and can also be purchased through CLT.
★ Currently, 1Tile is exchanged for 1VLP (virtual land point) when exchanging with Land, but 1Tile can be exchanged for 100VLP when the value of Land is formed.
1VLP is a fixed value of $0.1.