Notice of subscription guide

2022-02-23 18:57
- Introduction to Elysium Tile and Block Subscription.
1. The minimum subscription unit of virtual asset subscription is referred to as a tile, and a bundle of 25 consecutive tiles is referred to as 1 block.
2. The minimum subscription unit of virtual land is 1 tile and can be subscribed anywhere in the district.
3. You can subscribe to one tile per 1VLP (virtual asset point).
4. The maximum pre-subscription tile is limited to 1,200 tiles.
5. The subscription will take ownership of the tile that has been subscribed to with the opening of the virtual land exchange Elysium.
6. VLP can be purchased from Lex Eco and LexLink as CLT and VLP and Lex Eco.
(However, CLT's VLP exchange function will be supported from January 15, 2022, and VLP cannot be exchanged to CLT.)
7. VLP can be purchased at CLT worth $0.1.
8. Tiles and blocks subscribed to VLPs can be traded between individuals in the open market.
9. There are a total of three types of tiles and they are divided into L1, L2, and L3.
10. The amount of Mee coin mining by type is applied differently.

- Tile and block mining policy
1. If you have 1 tile and carry out a certain mission, you will be able to mine Meecoin.
2. The mining amount is referred to as the mining amount weight of five factors: the type of tile, the size of the tile, the building, the performance of the mission, and the number of visitors.
3. The mining volume of one tile land of type L1 is 0.1 Mee per day until the half-life of Mikoin, and the mining volume is increased by the weight factor of the mining volume.
4. By weighting element session 1, 87% of the basic mining amount of L1 type tiles and 72% of the mining amount of L3 are applied to L2 type tiles.
5. If missions such as participation in (election) voting, advertising, and participation in surveys are carried out by weighting factor session 2, 100% additional mining will be applied to the basic mining volume.
6. By weighting element session 3, 20% of the basic mining amount is applied to tiles within one block of continuous tile bundles, 25% of the four consecutive block tiles, and 30% of the 16 block tiles are applied.
7. If a building approved by the Elysium Building Team is placed on a block owned by the weighting element session 4, it will be applied additionally by 10 to 200% of the basic mining amount according to the residents' evaluation of the building.
8. Additional mining weights are given to the number of visitors to the block they own by weighting element session 5. However, Session 5 is currently undisclosed.
9. The mining policy is based on the above eight points, and there may be some policy modifications or additional policies before the official opening of the Elysium.
10. Mee Coin is a half-life applied virtual currency and is subject to fluctuations in mining volume by half-life.
11. Meecoin mining in tiles and blocks will be applied from the opening of the Elysium platform, not at the time of subscription.

- Elysium NFT Market -
1. Elysium NFT Market is an open market for design files such as buildings, characters, and accessories to be posted on Elysium's land.
2. Both designers and residents can participate in NFT transactions by connecting the works of talented metabus designers around the world with NFT.
3. You can encourage other residents to visit by posting works purchased at the Elysium NFT Market on tiles or blocks.
4. You can more safely protect your values and rights by selectively linking your own Elysium assets to the NFT market.
5. In the Elysium NFT market, Meecoin is used as the main virtual currency.

You can check the above by clicking the question mark at the top of the Lexeco subscription screen.