Leverse World 2022 Plan

2022-02-23 18:49
Leverse World's Elysium Urban Construction Project aims to build and share a third virtual country by residents.

- Employee recruitment plan.
- Plan for recruitment in 2022.

- 5 Backend
- 10 Frontend
- 1 Designs the system
- 2 Database
- 2 Security experts
- 5 AI designers
- 30 Designers
- 3 Data processing.
- 3 Service

☆ Plans to recruit 61 people.
(Including overseas development personnel)

- Operation direction.
♤ Election of the chairperson by referendum.
♤ Share the shares of the company with residents, excluding the shares held by the founder and partner companies.
(However, consultation with the chairperson when investing in overseas capital and institutions)
♤ In the future, all operational rights except development are transferred sequentially to the resident representative.
(To become a company that exists forever.)
♤ After the completion of the platform, all policy decisions are made by referendum and chairpersons.

- Leverse World 2022 Time line
☆ Integration of services before January 10th
(Integrated into Lexlink, My Office, Lexeco)

☆ Subscribe to L-City Land on January 10th.
(Payment of virtual assets, future card and virtual asset payments)

☆ Listed on the CLT Virtual Asset Exchange from January 15th

(released between 7th and 10th on the exchange)

☆ In March, Elysium will unveil a virtual national construction project.
(Architecture, advertising, park creation, and characters in the land)

☆ Listed on the CMC Virtual Asset Exchange on March 10th.

☆ The first cruise service will be unveiled in June.

☆ The 2nd cruise service will be unveiled in September.

Leverse World will be run by residents. All residents together form an ecosystem and value of land and virtual assets.