Leverse World Service Notice

2022-02-24 12:46
- Leverse World Service Notice -

Leverse World operates two apps, Eco Service and Link Service, to promote and promote the construction of the Elysium Third Country, which is scheduled to open in March.

In the case of Rex Eco, CLT mining, VLP (Land), and CMC (Micoin), which are currently listed on the XT exchange, are converted and mined through specific virtual currency, regardless of promotional activities.
It is an app that focuses on CLT mining by looking at the value of fast mining and already listed CLT, but converts CLT to VLP if you want to and provides it for regular land subscription.

Rexlink service aims to mine VLP (Land) and CMC (Micoin) for free and obtain VLP (Land) and CMC (Micoin) through promotional activities.
It is a service operated to promote the Elysium service and the Elysium project.

Therefore, you can use the app that suits you, and if you want to use both echo and link for your purpose, you can use both with individual accounts.

If only one person creates multiple accounts for each echo or link and uses them illegally, the asset can be frozen, and even if the account is not frozen by our Rex Eco and Link Fraud Detection Program.
When relocating VLP and CMC to Elysium, virtual assets can be moved only when they receive strict personal authentication equivalent to KYC certification.
In addition, the recommended activities are also discussing additional compensation for VLP and micoin depending on the number of members who can move Elysium virtual assets among the recommended members.
No matter how many recommenders there are, I would like to inform you that we plan to apply penalties to recommenders recommended with fraudulent accounts.