Legendary Metabus Leverse World Virtual Country Elysium!

2022-02-23 18:42
Let me introduce the third country, Elysium, the dream country that everyone has dreamed of at least once.
Elysium is the first project introduced by Leverse World and is a virtual national construction project through Metabus.
As the first step toward national construction, we begin the era of pioneering the Elysium.
In the era of pioneering, citizenship is granted, individual land is distributed, and owned land is developed.
Initial services across politics, economy, and culture are made based on generating revenue.
The Metabus National Elysium Construction Platform guarantees Mee Coin mining according to the development environment of the owned land.
Participants who meet certain requirements are given citizenship rights, citizens together with leaders elected by citizens determine the direction of the system,
The decentralized system created by citizens will be introduced step by step.

At the Elysium, you can engage in various economic activities such as real estate development, advertising, shopping, travel, and finance.
Cultural activities such as performances and sports, as well as political activities to elect leaders and improve the system, are also possible.

The Elysium will present a new economic paradigm in the era of metabus state construction and decentralization, where participants cross the borders of the real world and become owners.
We invite you to the center of the upcoming decentralized metabus era, Elysium.