Leverse World is a global metaverse content developer based in Leverse World, Singapore, and currently has subsidiaries in the United States, Korea, and the Philippines.

Leverse World’s first project is the Elysium project for the construction of a web-based metaverse country. Elysium is preparing a metaverse national construction platform linking virtual real estate with virtual currency, and provides virtual real estate subscription services through lexeco.io and lexlink.io.

Elysium basically employs a decentralized system and plans to provide an operating system with citizen participation.

As the second project of Leverse World, we are preparing for a Unity-based cruise service.

Leverse World’s Cruise is preparing for the world’s first online on-board hold competition, room subscription services, various performances and various events, and casino services linked to actual hotel casinos will also be officially serviced along with license contracts, and all profits from the cruise will be redistributed to cruise room owners.

Leverse World will present a new type of economic paradigm and specialized services unique to Leverse World in the metaverse world that has already begun with competent developers.